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Treg Bernt

Treg Bernt is a lifelong Idahoan, born and raised in S.E. Idaho.

He graduated from Pocatello High School and Idaho State University with a B.A. in Communications.

In 2003, he moved to Meridian to take a job in the flooring industry. From there, it didn’t take long for Treg to get involved.

Throughout the years, he has volunteered countless hours in organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, the YMCA and in different roles at his church.

City Leadership

Treg has also been very involved serving in different capacities at the City of Meridian. He has served as President of the City of Meridian Parks & Recreation Commission. During that time, Treg also served on the City of Meridian Impact Fees Commission.

Currently, Treg serves as a Commissioner on the City of Meridian’s Planning & Zoning Commission. At the end of the day, Treg loves to serve, dedicating his time making a difference in the lives of others.

Above All Else

Treg is most proud of his wife, Tiffanie, and their three children: Annie, Bridget, and Cole.

Faith is also a very big part of Treg’s life. He currently works with the 11-year-old scouts in his church.

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